“Color vs. Colour: How Do You Spell it in Australia? Find Out Here!”

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In Australia, we spell “colour” with a “u” – it’s the British English way!

How Do You Spell Colour in Australia


When it comes to spelling, differences can be found across different English-speaking countries. One common example is the word “colour,” which is spelled as “color” in American English. In Australia, however, the spelling of certain words can vary from the standard British English. If you are wondering how to spell “colour” in Australia, this article will provide you with detailed insights on the topic.

Spelling in Australian English

Australian English is unique in its spelling conventions, influenced by both British and American English. While many words are spelled the same way as in British English, some words have adopted the American spelling. The word “colour” is one such example, where Australians tend to use the American spelling “color” instead. This variation in spelling can be attributed to the historical influence of American English on Australian language and culture.

Historical Background

Throughout history, Australia has been exposed to various cultural influences, including British and American. The influx of American media, such as movies, TV shows, and music, has played a significant role in shaping Australian language and spelling preferences. As a result, certain words have evolved to reflect the American spelling, including “color.” While British English remains the standard form of spelling in Australia, American influences are evident in certain words.

Spelling Variations

It is important to note that spelling variations in Australian English are not limited to just one word. There are several other words where Australians tend to use the American spelling, such as “center” instead of “centre,” “realize” instead of “realise,” and “traveler” instead of “traveller.” These variations may seem subtle, but they reflect the evolving nature of language and the influence of different cultural sources on spelling conventions.

Language Evolution

Language is a dynamic and ever-changing system, influenced by various factors such as culture, history, and technology. The evolution of Australian English spelling is a testament to the adaptability of language to different influences. While British English remains the foundation of Australian spelling, the incorporation of American elements demonstrates the flexibility and fluidity of language over time.

Spelling Rules

When it comes to spelling “colour” in Australia, the choice between “color” and “colour” ultimately comes down to personal preference. Both spellings are accepted in Australian English, with “color” being more commonly used due to American influences. As with any language, it is important to be consistent in your spelling choices to maintain clarity and coherence in your writing.


In conclusion, the spelling of “colour” in Australia can be either “color” or “colour,” depending on individual preferences. While British English remains the standard form of spelling in Australia, the influence of American English has led to the adoption of certain American spelling conventions. As language continues to evolve, it is essential to embrace the diversity of spelling variations and appreciate the richness of language in all its forms.