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Integral Connections

Facilitating Integral Connections

Are you feeling stuck, lacking confidence, overwhelmed, unclear or alone as you are building momentum in your business?

If you are seriously ready to play full out, commit the time and take the action to build your business as part of a powerful mastermind team, contact me and book a personal consultation to see if this is the next best step for you. 


What the Mastermind Momentum Team Is?

You are a Solopreneur. As you take those first steps then the next ones, moving into and through consistent momentum in building your business, questions emerge, you may feel lonely ‘doing it alone’, experience moments where your confidence waivers, feel overwhelmed, stuck, unclear on next steps. 


This is an opportunity to be part of a community of fellow Solopreneur’s in an

engaging, supportive and action learning environment as you build your business. 


You have the guidance of a mentor coach who has been there before, a facilitator of who can workshop with the team various scenarios of real live client/service challenges that you are experiencing. 


Throughout the three months, you will have group coaching, mentor coaching,

masterminding, facilitation and an accountability system that will help you increase your commitment, be a catalyst for collective learning, and generate accelerated results in your business. 


What the Mastermind Momentum Team Isn’t?

It is not a business development and training program. If you are seeking advice on what you need to do to build a successful business or to learn the skill set required in creating a successful business, I recommend a business consultant or training. 


How much self-directed work is involved?

The team is what you make of it. You set your goals and accountability that you want. Being a Solopreneur, where you put your attention is where you will create results. 

What is the commitment?

Attend and fully participate in the introduction and foundation session as well as all 8 team coaching/masterminding sessions.

Take action immediately to set up dates and times to meet with your accountability buddy once given to whom you are accountable.

Fully step into the entrepreneurial mind-set for the next 3 months.

Three 45 minute 1:1 breakthrough mentor coaching sessions to be used before the end of the 3 months.

Fully engage and participate in 1 Mastermind Team meeting per month outside of the scheduled sessions.

What can you expect from the breakthrough mentor coaching sessions? 

It is highly recommended that you begin your mentor coaching after your first team session.

This is important as it will allow you to be clear on your goals and establish a strong strategic start.

For your one on one mentoring, these sessions are focused on you and your business goals specifically.

Your mentor coach is Tania Walter Gardiner.

It is recommended that you do at least one per month although if it serves you to have 2 in the first month then the third one before the end of the 3 months this can be arranged. 

About the Mastermind Momentum Team

I work in partnership with Solopreneurs to orient your internal compass aligned with your specific energy, talents and experience to create values-based, progressive and sustainable results. We get clear on your vision and the results you want to create, why it matters and design a purposeful action plan to achieve it. You begin to control the demands on your time, gain increased confidence and create a balanced fulfilled life.

Mastermind Testimonials

I loved the aspect of a supportive group setting of like-minded people from all walks of life. Overall the program helped me step outside of myself to become aware of what it is I really want out of life and out of my business.                                                        

Shae Clutesi, Allersharp Diagnostics Ltd

The program was successful for me because it built confidence in myself as a business owner. It made me more focussed on the type of clients I want to work with and the ones that want to work with me. The vision board we created as well as the focus wheels have helped me “see” the 

possibilities I can create with my business and with my personal life. 

Evelyn Koops, Visual Edge Graphic Design

It’s great to have support from other self-employed members of my community. The mastermind group can offer valuable ideas and advice.

Cori McCaw, DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts

This has helped me move from uncertain steps to more confident. I have appreciated the openness and honesty that all the members of the group have functioned in.    

Maryel Neal, Pinnacle Financial

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